The Fascinator

"I can't wear hats! I only want a fascinator!" So many people say this to me and, in my experience, it's usually about confidence – the person saying it feels she hasn't the character to carry off wearing a hat. I understand that fascinators seem less challenging to wear but a hat that fits is far more stable. That's why I encourage clients to try a small hat, as a starting point; it's about comfort and ease. Many fascinators in my collection are, in reality, small hats precisely because I've found that clients start their search with a fascinator in mind but very quickly discover they prefer the security of a hat. However, be reassured that, whichever you want, you and I will find the right one for you.

My fascinators can be on a comb, elastic, an Alice band or a combination. They range in size and shape from small discs to buttons, saucers and teardrops.

I make fascinators out of felt, silk, sinamay (a natural woven fabric made from the abaca tree) and straw.I don't die fabrics myself; it is not stable enough to ensure consistent colour and that it won't run.

If you see something appealing, or if you'd like a specific design but it's the wrong colour or the trims aren't quite right, let me know.

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The Fascinator

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